Beyond the standard (traditional corporate enterprise) and industry specific SAP solutions our company offers customer specific SAP developments as well.
The methodology of our implementation is based on the requirements and the size of the customer.
Beside the significant activity of consulting for large corporations it always had a remarkable role in implementations at the small and

medium sized companies in the trading, production and service industries.
Our numerous experiences in industrial administration and our ten years old practice with SAP helped us in designing our industry specific solutions. Using this we can shorten the implementation time hereby we can cut the costs.

- the trade SAP solution of MySMB Ltd.
(tested and qualified by SAP AG)

Beside the general business administration tasks it puts emphasis on the processes of wholesale and retail dealers.

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SAP solution for service industry from MySMB

A comprehensive solution for the service industry in project planning, business management, implementation, settlement.

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SAP solution for production from MySMB

Beside the general business administration tasks is fulfills the specific requirements of the production processes of the manufacturer and fabricating companies.

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MySMB's SAP solution for technical and work record keeping

Not only the general business administration but also the specific maintenance and related processes can be managed.

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