MySMB 's SAP solution for the service industry

Provides a comprehensive solution for the companies in the service industry for project planning, management, execution, settlement.
We recomment MySMB's MyService SAP solution for those companies who:

  • base their main activity on service;
  • share activities where project management has an important role;
  • have contracted customers (non public buyers);
  • base their pricing on the service provided
  • need a controlling system that can measure all the activities of the company
  • would like to measure efficency split for projects.

MySMB's MyService SAP solution covers the whole service activity and supports the financial and controlling functions.
MySMB's MyService SAP solution provides:

  • set up of a fully comprehensive project planning;
  • mapping of service contracts and orders;
  • service based invoicing;
  • managment of discounts;
  • direct banking link;
  • project closing, settlement, evaluation.

Advantages of MySMB's MyService SAP solution:

  • fast, fine-tuned implementation;
  • easy therefore rapidly learnable usage;
  • a fully comprehensive training is part of the implementation;
  • costs tailord for medium sized companies;
  • operation needs no internal IT team.
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