The SAP system of HUSQVARNA Hungary Ltd. has been supported by the consultants of MySMB Ltd. since years. As known, HUSQVARNA merged worldwide with GARDENA last year, including the standardization of the IT systems. The extension of the SAP system with the business areas of GARDENA was accomplished successfully by the team of MySMB Ltd.  The project started in December 2008 and was completed in May 2009, fully acknowledged.

The SAP system of Jász-Plasztik Ltd., including the financial (FI), asset management (FI-AA) and basic controlling (CO) functions has been successfully implemented by the consultants of MySMB Ltd., the new system has gone live on schedule in January, 2009. The business blueprint and implementation plan of the company's complete area of activity, production (PP), plant maintenance (PM), purchasing, inventory management (MM), sales and distribution (SD) has been accomplished. The project will be finished with the involvement of further experts.

After careful selection Jász-Plasztik Ltd. trusted the team of MySMB Ltd. with the implementation of SAP, covering all of the extensive processes of the enterprise (plastic processing, tool making, production of batteries and plaster). The choice was based largely on the experiences and references of MySMB Ltd. on the field of production and plastic industry. The implementation will be executed in two steps. The financial (FI), asset management (FI-AA) and basic controlling (CO) functions will go live in January, 2009. The purchasing, inventory management (MM), sales and distribution (SD), production (PP), plant maintenance (PM) and production controlling (CO-PA) functions will go live in July, 2009. This implementation project may be the largest in terms of user number in 2008 in Hungary, presenting a great challenge for both companies.

After  six months of work on the implementation, on the 1st of July, 2008 right on the predefined schedule,  TiszaTextil Ltd. began the productive work in SAP system. The implementation provides solution for the general processes (FI, FI-AA, CO, MM and SD) and the production (PP) as well. "The adjudication of the work and efforts of MySMB Ltd. is very good, a lot more planned and professional, than I ever met" - summarized Flórián Lukács, deputy managing director and technical leader of TiszaTextil Ltd.

MySMB Ltd. successfully completed the extremely rapid, two months long implementation of SAP financial (FI), asset management (FI-AA) and controlling (CO) functions at the ISD Portolan Logistics Ltd. (previously DUNAFERR Portolan Logistics Ltd.) The new system started in January 2008. After the period of the one month long special support it is used by the company virtually independently.

After a serious procedure of choice TiszaTextil Ltd. made the decision to trust the consultant team of MySMB Ltd. with the implementation of SAP. The contract was signed on the 28th of December, 2007. The implementation will provide solution for the general processes (FI, FI-AA, CO, MM and SD) and the production (PP) as well. TiszaTextil Ltd. is a producer of different types of circular woven and laminated circular woven products, flat fabric and laminated flat fabric out of tube based on polypropylene granulate, besides one-layer mono-extruded and three-layer co-extruded tubes are also produced from polyethylene granulate or regranulate. The latest version of SAP will go live on the 1st of July, 2008.

On the 12th of November, 2007 MySMB Ltd. signed a contract for the implementation of DUNAFERR Portolan Logistics Ltd. The enterprise, merged newly out of three companies, will use the SAP system from January 2008 to handle the processes of Finance (FI), Asset Management (FI-AA) and Controlling (CO). The very tight schedules present a great challenge for both companies.

In October, 2007 MySMB Ltd. signed a contract with GYSEV Inc. to provide a solution in SAP for Asset inventory using barcodes, the Register of informatics devices, and the Journal of tools and premises. The project, with the scope and complexity being equivalent to a smaller implementation, will close on the 30th of June, 2008.

In January 2007, following the implementation executed by MySMB Ltd., the SAP solution of Worktime Settlement System (the complete functionalities of the technical department) went live at GYSEV Inc. Based on the feedbacks we can proudly state that the management of GYSEV Inc. considers the implementation as a significantly successful project. This is proven by the fact that our company has been assigned to fulfill the support activities of their complete SAP system.

MySMB Ltd. for Christmas, 2006 with its donation through the Together for the leukemia children Foundation supported the purchase of an emergency oncology ambulance vehicle - costing 15 million Forints - for the nationwide service coordinated by the Pál Heim Children's Hospital.

In April, 2006 MySMB Ltd. signed a contract with GYSEV Inc. about an SAP implementation to provide a solution for work settlement of the railroad company for the whole technical department with the functionalities of the Plant Maintenance and other corresponding modules.

In March, 2006 our Support Center (Customer Service) team expanded on the field of logistics and development.

In January, 2006 MySMB Ltd. successfully launched at Mediterran Slovakia Ltd. the following SAP modules: MM, SD, LES, FI, FI-AA and CO. It was a roll-out project that was based on the prosperous implementation at the Hungarian company of Mediterran Group in 2005 by MySMB.

In November, 2005 a MySMB Ltd. the SAP AG has qualified MyTrade, the commercial solution of MySMB and accepted it as an official All-in-One (AiO) solution. MyTrade is MySMB's own development that provides a rapidly implementable, ideal solution within the mySAP AiO products at a friendly price.

As an SAP Business Partner Value Added Reseller (VAR) we are entitled to sell SAP licences and to run full implementation projects of all modules and to support existing systems.
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