MySMB Consulting and Informatics Services Ltd.

The experienced team of MySMB Ltd. is an important performer of the SAP implementation market since 1998.
Beside the significant activity of consulting for large corporations it always had a remarkable role in implementations at the small and medium sized companies in the trading, production and service industries.
Our implementations cover the economic, logistic and the production / service / trade activities of our customers as follows these companies can take advantage of all possibilities of the real time solutions and the integration of the SAP system.

With our SAP implementations we offer a solution for small and medium sized companies that already has proven at thousands of similar sized companies in Hungary and abroad and also has the ability of developing together with the company. Our SAP implementation methodology is based on the requirements of our partner and the size of the company.

Beside the standard (traditional corporate enterprise) and industry specific SAP solutions our company offers customer specific SAP developments as well.
For corporate enterprises we usually create a unique solution based on a fully comprehensive survey and on optimisation (BPR) using the ASAP methodology.
For small and medium sized companies we start from our industry specific solutions and extend it with the specific requirements of the company. Our notable experience in industrial administration and our ten years old practice with SAP helped us in designing our industry specific solutions. Using this we can shorten the implementation time hereby we can cut the costs.

We have references in all kind of industries, so in wholesale and retail, food, machine, energy, construction, chemicals, forwarding, logistics, public services and as well in budgetary institutions.



Our references prove that we can manage with highly complex challenges - which we believe is the result of our notable experience gained as principal contractor and our together shook team.

Some of our colleagues participated in Hungarian implementations prepared for international roll-outs and also in these roll-out projects.
Our finished principal contractor projects, our existing support contracts do prove that our knowledge on the field of industrial administration, production, service and commerce are real, extensive, well adoptable and our company performs well in these quality and cost sensitive sector.

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